Bandit Signs are ProhibitedBandit Signs are Prohibited

Bandit Signs are Prohibited

The City of Katy prohibits “bandit” signs and garage sale signs placed in public right-of-ways including attachments to telephone/power poles and stop signs.  This City Ordinance applies to the city limits of Katy, including the Katy Mills Mall area, and is punishable by fine as outlined in Katy City Code, Sec. 4.608 Miscellaneous Sign Provisions (printed below).

Sec. 4.608     Miscellaneous Sign Provisions

 Signs on Public Rights-Of-Way  

(1)     With the exception of signs approved by city council or exempt signs erected prior to the passage of this article, it shall be unlawful to place a sign upon a public street, public sidewalk, public alley, public right-of-way, public curb or other public improvement in any public street or grounds, on any public bridge or part of same, or on any public building or structure of any kind belonging to the city, or in any public place or on any public improvement unless express consent thereof shall have been first granted by the city council. However, coin-operated devices used to display and vend newspapers may be so placed, so long as they are not placed to impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic. This section does not apply to public property leased for private business purposes.

(2)     Any unlawful sign found within a public right-of-way of a public street, public sidewalk or public alley shall be seized and removal thereof is hereby authorized. The sign administrator, employees of the police department, and the department of public works are hereby authorized to impound any signs found on a public street, public sidewalk, or public alley and transport or cause the same to be transported to a location to be designated by the sign administrator for storage. The sign administrator shall maintain records of where such signs were located when they were so impounded and the date on which they were so impounded and shall hold the same in the storage area for a period of not more than thirty (30) days. Any sign so held may be redeemed by the owner thereof upon the payment of a fee to the City of Katy through the sign administrator, as provided for in the general penalty provision found in Section 1.106 of this code. Such fee shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any fine imposed upon such owner for violation of this article. Any sign impounded and stored and not redeemed by the owner thereof within thirty (30) days may be sold at public auction in the same manner as surplus or abandoned property of the city.