Financial TransparencyFinancial Transparency

Financial Transparency

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In an effort to provide full financial disclosure to the citizens of the City of Katy, this transparency page provides a quick yet thorough look at all aspects of the finances for the City.  In addition to budgets, annual financial reports and payment registers, the financial dashboard gives an overview of all local taxes, including the rates for property, sales and use, and hotel occupancy taxes.

The State Comptroller’s website about transparency in government, including local debt, may be accessed at  This website is a source to collect all available information on local government finances in our state, including the existing and proposed debt of cities, counties, school and hospital districts and hundreds of special-purpose districts throughout Texas.

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Representation Letter



These documents represent the original adopted budgets as approved by the City Council.


Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)

The information in these documents has not been updated for developments subsequent to the dates of the respective independent auditor’s reports.


Payment Registers

These registers contain all disbursements made by the City, including paper checks and electronic payments to vendors.  Employee salary information is presented in summary form only by department at the end of each register.

2015 Property Tax Rate

Current Tax Rates                                                                                                                    

City of Katy property tax rates are expressed per $100 of taxable property value. Click images to view them larger.

Tax Year 2017

$0.384720     Maintenance & Operations (M&O)2015 Property Tax

$0.102000     Interest & Sinking Fund (I&S)

$0.48672       Total Rate

Sales & Use Tax

6.25%     State of Texas2015 Sales Tax

1.00%     Metro

1.00%     City of Katy

8.25%     Total Rate

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax2015 Hotel Tax

6.00%     State of Texas

7.00%     City of Katy

13.00%    Total Rate


Summary of Debt Obligations2018 DEBT

The City of Katy is pledged to transparency in local spending and debt obligations are as follows:


Public Information Requests

If you need to view or obtain copies of public information in the custody of the City of Katy, you must submit a written request or the Disclosure of Public Information form to the attention of the City Secretary using any of these methods.

  • In person: City Hall, 901 Avenue C, Katy Texas 77493
  • Mail: P. O. Box 617, Katy Texas  77492
  • Fax: 281.391.4937
  • E-mail:

When obtaining copies of public information, please be aware that there may be fees associated with providing the information.



The City of Katy is a proud recipient of the Texas Comptroller’s 2014 Leadership Circle Award for financial transparency.  The Platinum level is the highest attainable award signifying the City’s willingness to go above and beyond providing financial transparency in local government by opening our books to the public, providing clear, consistent pictures of spending, and sharing information in a user friendly format that helps taxpayers understand how their dollars are spent



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