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Payment Options

Payment Schedule

Taxes are due October 1 of each tax year and are considered delinquent if payment is not postmarked on or before January 31.  If January 31 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, taxes are considered delinquent if not postmarked on or before the following Monday.  Penalty and interest accrue at the following rate if taxes remain unpaid by the delinquent date:

February      March         April            May          June         July
7%               9%            11%           13%          15%        18% (plus 20% for collection costs)
* For August and thereafter, add 1 percent per month.
Payment Options/Deferrals for Senior Citizens

If residents claiming the over 65 homestead exemption pay at least one-fourth of the taxes due before the delinquency date, the balance may be paid in three equal installments without penalty or interest.  The first installment must be paid before April 1, the second installment before June 1 and the third installment before September 1.

If you are a homeowner age 65 or older, you may defer or postpone paying any delinquent property taxes on your home for as long as you own and live in it.  To postpone your tax payments, file a “tax deferral affidavit” with your appraisal district.  A tax deferral only postpones paying your taxes.  It does not cancel them.  Interest is added at the rate of 8 percent per year.

Once you no longer own your home or live in it, past taxes and interest become due.  Any penalty and interest that was due on the tax bill for the home before the tax deferral will remain on the property and also become due when the tax deferral ends.

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