Office of Emergency ManagementOffice of Emergency Management

Office of Emergency Management

The City of Katy’s highest priority is the safety of our citizens.

Katy’s Office of Emergency Management works closely with every department in the city as well as regional, state and federal agencies to safeguard and protect the public and their property from natural and man made disasters. The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which is based upon Preparedness, Response, Mitigation and Recovery in the event of a disaster.


The City of Katy’s Emergency Management Department has two committees. The committee members are appointed by the Mayor and approved through resolution by city council. The Hazard Mitigation Team is a committee that analyzes the city’s risk and vulnerability to natural disasters. The members assist the Hazard Mitigation Coordinator in developing a Hazard Mitigation Action Plan for protection of the city to be submitted to the Texas Department of Emergency Management and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The Local Emergency Planning Committee is also appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. This committee assists the Emergency Management Coordinator in maintaining the City of Katy’s Emergency Management Plan and analyzes the risk and vulnerability of man made disasters such as hazardous material release into the community.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns as it regards to public safety.  The Emergency Management Department can be contacted at or 281-574-8633.



Evacuation Plan

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