Emergency NotificationsEmergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications

In the event of an emergency, the City of Katy will utilize one or more of the following means to notify citizens.

Reverse Calling

The City of Katy has the ability to notify citizens of emergency situations via 911.org.  In the event of an emergency that requires our community to receive emergency notifications, this system will be utilized first.  City of Katy officials will provide you a prerecorded message call or text with information and instructions of tasks which should be completed for your safety.  This information will not include National Weather Service notifications of severe weather warnings or watches.  If you do not currently receive National Weather Service pushes, please make sure that you have not disabled them on your cell phone. 

Please note that the 911.org system will only send calls to land lines unless you opt in to the free service and add your cell phone.   To register your phone with 911.org, please click here.

News Stations, Radio Stations, NOAA
  • The fastest, most accurate and reliable means of receiving severe weather information is through a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radio with a battery backup. Weather radios may be purchased at local electronics stores.
  • The weather radio should be used when weather watches and warnings are issued. Newer models are capable of warning you only if severe weather is expected in your area. This feature is called Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.).  Ask your local electronics retailer for help programming your weather radio before you leave the store.
  • www.noaa.gov
  • www.stormpulse.com
  • www.justweather.com
Social Media

To receive alerts via social media, please “like” our Facebook page or Twitter account.


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