Commercial GarbageCommercial Garbage

Commercial Garbage

Republic Services is the garbage provider for the City of Katy.  Commercial customers are provided with one 95-gallon blue poly cart.  These carts will remain the property of the City.  Only carts issued by Republic Services can be used for garbage collection.  An additional garbage cart may be requested using this form.

  • The City service is available to small commercial units generating less than two (2) cubic yards of uncompressed garbage per week.  This service is not provided to Commercial establishments that serve food or sell produce or meat as set out in the City of Katy Code of Ordinances Section 11.402.
  • Commercial customers may contract for private garbage collection and pay no garbage fee to the City provided a copy of the private contract is provided to the city and the private contractor meets the requirements set out in the City of Katy Code of Ordinances Section 11.403.

Commercial Garbage Guidelines:

  • Your collection days will be Tuesday and Friday of each week.
  • Trash must be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM.  Collection will be completed between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM on each service day.  Carts shall be placed at curbside or as close to the roadway as possible without interfering with traffic flow and not greater than four feet from the roadway.  Do not overfill the cart, the lid must be closed.
  • No personal cans or bags outside cart will be collected.  Bagged yard waste should be placed inside the cart.
  • Heavy trash will be twice monthly on Mondays as shown below, and will be limited to 3 bulky items per collection (appliances/furniture) and 4 cubic yards of bundled limbs that are within 5 feet of the curb. Limbs must be less than 2” in diameter and cut to 4 foot lengths and tied in small bundles not to exceed 40 lbs. In addition, up to 15 bags of yard debris (leaves, clippings, stems, etc.) in CLEAR LAWN BAGS will be picked up on heavy trash days only. The clear bags must be placed within 5 feet of the curb.
  • Republic Services will NOT collect gas tanks, car parts, wet paint, tires, hazardous materials, items containing freon or that have not been certified that the freon has been removed or any type of construction debris including, but not limited to, sheet rock, lumber, shingles and concrete.
  • Should a holiday fall on a scheduled collection day, collection will be rescheduled for an alternate date.  Notification of schedules changes due to a holiday will be posted on the City’s web page.
  • An additional cart can be requested by calling the Utility Office at 281.391.4800.  The additional monthly charge for a garbage cart is $3.62.
  • For service, cart repair or replacement, please contact Republic Services at 713-849-0400, Option 5.


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