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Community Services

Alzheimer’s Registration Form – This form provides information to the Police Department, about a citizen that resides in the city with this special need. This may provide an officer the ability to help the citizen return home safely, if they come into contact with them in the community.

Bike Registration – This service provides an additional form of identification for bicycle owners, and may also help to locate the bicycle in the case of theft.

Car Seat Inspection – A high percentage of child safety seat systems in use today on our roads are not installed properly to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some of these errors may possibly be detrimental to your child’s safety in time of a crash. Our Department offers qualified personnel to assist you in making sure that your children are as safe as possible while in your vehicle. Make an appointment today to ensure that your safety seat system is installed in your vehicle properly. (note: some appointments may take up to one hour of time)

Fingerprinting – The Police Department does not provide this service. Please contact State Authorized Morpho USA Trust at 888-467-2080.

Tours – This tour provides citizens the opportunity to see exactly how the Police Department works from the inside. Tours are available for school aged children, pre-K and up.

Residence/Business Security Form – This alerts the department that a greater patrol may be needed at the residence or business.  Examples of this would be: vacations, criminal mischief, employee issue, and vacant residence. This service is available for a maximum of 90 days, and is free to the citizens of the incorporated City of Katy.

Texas Online – This website provides links for the State of Texas Driver’s License Information, Vehicle Registration, State Attorney General, Crime Victims Services, Registered Sex Offender listing, as well as Texas Accident Blue Forms.

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