Crime PreventionCrime Prevention

Crime Prevention

These services are available to all residents of the incorporated City of Katy.  To schedule an officer for these services, contact Sgt. Jack Feild at

Home/Business Security Inspections – Home Security Inspections are offered by the Katy Police Department for the Citizens of Katy free of charge. The purpose of the security inspection is to help improve the security of your home. If the home meets the minimum standards set by Chapter 5, Texas Insurance Code, Article 5.33A, Section 6, the homeowner can receive a reduction on their homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Prior to home inspection, the homeowner will need to come to the Katy Police Department and request a pre-inspection packet. This will assist the homeowner in preparing their home for inspection.

All home inspections must be performed by a licensed Crime Prevention Inspector that is certified by the State of Texas.


Crime Prevention Program – Crime Prevention has many applications. It ranges from personal safety, safety in the work place, neighborhood watch program, and Crime Prevention for senior citizens. Though there are too many applications to list, any group, community organization, or commercial retail business inside the City of Katy, can call and schedule an appointment. The Katy Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officer’s will come to your location and give a presentation over a variety of topics.


Child I.D.’s – The Katy Police Department, through the Kid ID program, offers Child Identification cards. Kid ID is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art child identification system available to parents. With Kid ID, all information is stored on a secure database. This means that only the parent can authorize the release of their child’s information. In an emergency, your child’s information can be sent electronically to the proper authorities across the country in just minutes. In addition to pictures and other important information, Kid ID also stores fingerprints and DNA coding.

Kid ID is a FREE service offered through the Katy Police Department.


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