Evacuation PlansEvacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans

The most recent notable hurricane events which took place in our area resulted in identifiable problems related to vehicular traffic attempting to move out of the affected area.  Hurricane Katrina and Rita proved that local, state, and federal agencies were not prepared to move large amounts of vehicular traffic out of the area in a timely manner. Traffic quickly became a parking lot on all major freeways as residents tried to move their family, pets, and belongings to a safe area.  The congested traffic caused citizens to being stranded, separated from loved ones, and some deaths were reported.

In order to expedite evacuees, the state and local governments have developed evacuation zones and routes to help citizens move out of the imminent hurricane zone to a safe area.  The City of Katy is NOT a sheltering city.  Evacuees from low lying coastal areas should pass through to higher ground out of the potential hurricane path.  City of Katy residents should pay close attention to evacuation orders provided by Local, County and State officials and should utilize Interstate 10 East and West along with local roads to access Highway 290 and Interstate 59 in order to evacuate safely.  County roads should not be overlooked as a means of evacuation.  Major thoroughfares can become congested as evacuees from other areas saturate the local area.

Evacuation efforts should not be taken lightly.  Evacuees should have an emergency kit with them containing food, water, batteries, battery operated radio, cell phone and charger, maps or GPS, as well as cash and credit cards.  Additionally, do not forget about your pets.  Make preparations for food and water and take a leash with you as most areas now have leash laws which you must abide by.

The following links are provided by the state and give additional information about hurricanes, evacuations routes, and emergency kits.





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