Incorporated in 1945

Home Rule Charter 1981

Hub City of Three Counties:

Fort Bend, Harris and Waller


The Mayor occupies the highest elective office in the municipal government and is the Chief Administrative and Executive Officer of the City and Head of the City Government responsible for the proper administration of its affairs. The Mayor presides over Council Meetings, is the Signatory for the City, and is recognized as the ceremonial and governmental head of the City. As the political head of the City, he provides the leadership necessary to identify and satisfy the needs of the City and develop programs to meet the policy goals of the City Council.

The City Administrator, who is chosen by the Mayor on the basis of his training, experience and ability, assists the Mayor in the efficient and economical administration of the City Government.

As the Mayor’s representative, the City Administrator is generally responsible for the day-to-day administration of the City and for implementing policies established by the Council. The Mayor and City Administrator are aided in their duties by a skilled administrative staff.

The primary duty of the City Attorney is to represent the City and provide legal advice and counseling for the Mayor and council members and the various departments of the city. Duties include draft and approval of ordinances, represent the city in all legal proceedings, approve all documents, contracts and legal instruments in which the city is required to perform any act, or pay any sum of money. Legal services or advice are not offered to the public in matters related to the City of Katy.

The City Secretary serves as the Secretary to the Mayor and City Council, attends and keeps the Minutes of the proceedings of all Council Meetings, is the Election Officer for the City, and maintains all official records of the City.

Municipal Court Judge is in charge of facilitating judicial hearings regarding a number of legal issues including traffic violations, misdemeanors and pretrial hearings.

The City Treasurer manages the financial and accounting functions of the City and administers its investment policies and practices.

 Texas Landowners’ Bill of Rights

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