Board-Committee MembersBoard-Committee Members

Board-Committee Members

Applications to serve on the Boards can be found on the links to the right.  Applications will be retained and considered by the City for two (2) years when a vacancy occurs and may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

BUILDING AND STANDARDS COMMISSION Application for Building and Standards Commission

Ricky Burch, Chairman

Jim Lipka

Vincent C. Morille, Jr.

Bob O’Malley

Malcolm Repka

Steve Schilder

Matt Lawson, Alternate

Troy “Monty” McGuire, Jr., Alternate

James A. “Alan” Williams, Alternate

CITY PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION Application for the Planning and Zoning Commission

Kenneth A. Berger, Asst. Secretary

Jason Ward

Eric Paulsen, Chairman

Sam Pearson

Paul Redmon, Vice Chairman

Clint Stockdick

William H. “Dusty” Thiele

G. Alan Chapman, Alternate

Gregory Christmann, Alternate


CONVENTION AND TOURISM BUREAU  Application for the Convention and Tourism Bureau

Kenneth Berger

Shari L. Boothe

Cynthia Cavin

Kevin Mousavi, Vice Chairman

Jeff Rocheleau

Jenifer Stockdick

William H. “Dusty” Thiele, Chairman

KATY HERITAGE PARK BOARD  Application for Katy Heritage Park Board

Carol E. Adams

Trish Johnson

Danny L. Harris

Linda Mikeska

Luanne Zacek

KEEP KATY BEAUTIFUL BOARD  Application for Keep Katy Beautiful Board

Megan Bishop

Kay Callender, Vice-Chairman

Sarah Denman

Cynthia Madison

Sharon Rhoads

Sandy Schmidt, Chairman

Carrie Singletary

Jennifer Stence

Paula Taylor

Albert Thompson, Jr.

Jacalyn Warner

Kathy Wiesner

Jamie Wolman, Secretary

Patti Hanson, Emeritus Member

LANDSCAPE APPEAL BOARD  Application for Landscape Appeal Board

Carrie Singletary, Keep Katy Beautiful Board Member

Ricky Burch, Chairman

Sandra Byrd

Nevelynn Melendy

Chris Harris, Councilmember

PARKS AND RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD Application for Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Ida Faye Elder

Wendy Hanne, Chairman

Paula Kay Hughes

Keith Jobe

Terion Peloquin

Susan Stormer

Barbara Wilburn

SOCIAL SERVICES ADVISORY BOARD Application for Social Services Advisory Board

David Bent

Anne Frye

Joyce Harris

Ted L. Morgan, Jr.

Oneal Millien

Gail Pyontek

Betty Williams

ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT   Application for Zoning Board of Adjustment

Cecilia Crutcher

Jim Lipka

David Minze, Chairman

Otis M. “Mike” Sadler

Jody R. Sturm

Don Michael Bishop, Alternate

Johnston A. Dietz, Alternate

Jennifer Stockdick, Alternate

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