Expired Driver’s License  521.026 20 working days From citation date OR before original court date  Proof of Renewal  $20.00
 Fail To DisplayDriver’s License  521.025  None Show proof of valid driver’s license at time of offense. Prosecutor must make motion to dismiss.  $10.00
Violate Driver’s License Restriction Or Endorsement  521.221  Before original court  date DPS removes the restriction or endorsement  before original court date  OR  medical condition corrected by citation date.  $10.00
 Driver’s License Fail to Report Change of Address/Name  521.054  20 working days from citation date  Proof of Compliance  $20.00 or Court may waive fee
Expired Inspection MVI  548.605(b) 20 working days from citation date OR before original court date  Proof of Compliance (only if 60 days expired or less) if more than 60 days expired, call the Court $20.00
 Expired RegistrationMVR – (Plates)  502.407(b) 20 working days from citation date OR before original court date  Proof of Compliance  $20.00
 License Plates Displayed, Altered, Unclean Or Obscured  502.049  Before original court date  None  $10.00
License Plates Operate Motor Vehicle Without Plates on With One Plate  502.404  Before original court date Registration valid at time of offense and insignia attached to vehicle prior to original court date.  $10.00
 Defective Equipment*Operate Vehicle in Unsafe Condition  547.004  Before original court date  Proof of Compliance  $10.00

Operate Vehicle with Defective Required Equipment (Or in Unsafe Condition)
Transportation Code Section 547.004
Allowed vehicle in unsafe condition to be moved or driven so as to endanger any person  547.004
Allow vehicle not equipped with required equipment to be moved or driven  547.004
Affix unauthorized sunscreening device to motor vehicle  547.613(a)(2)
Brakes not maintained in good working order  547.402
Brakes not on all wheels when required  547.401 & 547.802
Clearance (or side markers) improperly mounted  547.354
Defective Brakes or no brakes  547.401 & 547.408
Defective exhaust emission system  547.605
Defective Head Lamps  547.321/547.302/547.801
Defective Parking Lamps  547.383
Defective safety glazing material  547.608
Defective Stop Lamps  547.323
Defective Tail Lamps  547.322
Defective or No Windshield Wiper  547.603
Headlamp improperly located on motorcycle  547.801
Improper flashing lights  547.702(c)
Improper use of back-up lamps  547.332
Improperly directed lamps (over 300 candlepower)  547.305
Mirror Violation (None or improperly located)  547.602
Muffler violation (None, defective, loud, cut-out, by-pass)  547.604
Muffler violation (No beam indicator)  547.333
No electric turn signal lamps  547.324
No exhaust emission system  547.605
No headlamps (when not equipped)  547.321 & 547.801
No license plate lamp  547.322 & 547.801
No multiple beam lighting equipment (or defective)  547.333 & 547.801
No parking brakes or defective parking brakes  547.404
No parking lamps  545.383
No red reflectors on rear  547.325 & 547.801
No safety belts  547.601

No single control to operate all brakes  547.402 & 547.403
No stop lamps  547.323 & 547.801

No tail lamps  547.322 & 547.801
No two means of emergency brakes  547.405(a)
No windshield wiper  547.603
Obstructed view through windshield or side or rear windows  547.613
Red lights on front  547.305
Television receiver, Video equipment improperly located (visible to driver)  547.611
Wrong color clearance lamps  547.305
Wrong color stop light, license plate light, back-up light, signal device  547.332

Juveniles must appear with a parent in open court to present any type of dismissal to the Judge.

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