What are the City Limits of Katy?What are the City Limits of Katy?

What are the City Limits of Katy?

What is Katy’s City Limits?   Katy residents often split the city into two informal sections: “Old Katy” (or Katy Proper) and “the greater Katy Area”. Old Katy is the actual city limits of Katy and lies mostly north of Interstate 10. This is the original Katy from before the 1970s when Houston’s Energy Corridor (and the development that came with it) made its way west on I-10.  The approximate city limit boundaries are  drawn on the map below.

The “greater Katy area” is made up of large sections of unincorporated Harris and Fort Bend counties and mostly sits east and southeast of the city limits of Katy. This area is within the Katy Independent School District and nearly everyone in this area has a Katy postal address.

The greater Katy area includes communities such as Cinco Ranch, Green Trails, Grayson Lakes, Seven Meadows, Silver Ranch, and Grand Lakes, while also encompassing developments from the 1970s and 1980s such as Memorial Parkway, Kelliwood and Nottingham Country.

All of the “greater Katy area” lies in the City of Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ), not Katy’s ETJ. This means that most of the greater Katy area is controlled by the city of Houston and that Houston has the ability to annex it in the future. The city of Katy cannot annex this area unless the city of Houston releases the area’s ETJ to Katy, which has occurred in several small chunks in recent years. The most recent instance of this was in 1997 when Houston ceded about 400 acres of ETJ to the City of Katy to allow the Katy Mills Mall and surrounding parking lot to be built entirely within the City of Katy. The city of Katy paid 1 million dollars for this right, but also had added the threat of building the Katy Mills Mall entirely on Katy’s land and placing the parking lot in Houston’s ETJ. Thus being of no tax benefit to Houston.

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