Keep Leaves out of Storm DrainsKeep Leaves out of Storm Drains

Keep Leaves out of Storm Drains

Do not rake or dump grass clippings or leaves into the storm drainage system. Water that flows into our storm water drainage system, along with other substances it collects, goes directly into our bayous, rivers, and ultimately into Galveston Bay. Unlike sewage, storm water receives no treatment.

Pesticides and fertilizers should be applied several days before rain is forecast; if applied right before a rain, most of it will just wash off and end up in a storm drain. Never dump pet waste, used motor oil, paint, chemicals or other substances into a storm drain. Swimming pools should never be drained into storm drains without properly treating the water first.

Report dumping or spilling of hazardous materials into a drainage system to the City of Katy Stormwater Pollution Reporting Hotline  at 281-391-4820.