Mosquito SprayingMosquito Spraying

Mosquito Spraying

Effective May 14th, the City of Katy Public Works Department will begin weekly mosquito spraying operations.

West Nile Virus cases usually occur in the late summer or early fall. However, Texas has a variety of climates, and when temperatures are mild, West Nile Virus can be transmitted year round. It is best to protect yourself all year. The “Four D’s” should be implemented to defend against West Nile Virus.

  • DUSK and DAWN are the times of day to limit outdoor activities. This is when infected mosquitoes are most active.
  • DRESS in long sleeves and pants when outside. For extra protection, thin clothing can be sprayed with repellent.
  • DEET is an ingredient to look for in an insect repellent. Follow label instructions and always wear repellent when outdoors.
  • DRAIN standing water in old tires, flowerpots, and clogged rain gutters. These are mosquito breeding sites.