Letter From The MayorLetter From The Mayor

Letter From The Mayor



As Mayor and on behalf of our citizens, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Katy—a city in transition, a city on the move. Katy is situated close to Interstate 10 and is on the cutting edge of technology as it welcomes new medical facilities and businesses to the area. It is close enough to the big-city amenities of Houston, yet distant enough to provide a small-town lifestyle. Katy is rich in history and loved by all who have been touched by its warmth, charm and friendliness.

If you are a visitor to our city, I hope you will take time to explore the unique experiences that Katy has to offer. Katy is much like an undiscovered jewel and we encourage visitors to enjoy the many sights and attractions that highlight our community. From education to recreation, we believe there is something here for everyone.

If you are moving to Katy for work, school or simply the great quality of life, please know that our area is a growing, suburban community offering an ideal environment in which families, as well as businesses, can grow and prosper. The area boasts an excellent, highly-rated school system, affordable housing, and safe neighborhoods. You will discover how diverse, rich in history, and family- and community-oriented our city remains in these times of change.

Again, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our city. It is truly a special place to visit, work, live and raise a family!


Fabol Hughes

Vision Statement

Katy, Texas is a welcoming, service-oriented city that is rich in tradition and devoted to the preservation of a “small town” community, yet fosters quality economic growth through commitment to overall fiscal well-being and long-term sustainability.


Mission Statement

Protect the health, safety and welfare of all citizens and preserve the Katy tradition of community pride, financial strength and personal service for future generations.

Strive for continuous excellence in:

Economic Growth and Improvement

Public Safety

Preservation of Social Traditions and Historical Heritage

The Overall Quality of Life


Core Values


 Commitment to Excellence


Fiscal Responsibility


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