Video Update: 10-16-17Video Update: 10-16-17

Video Update: 10-16-17

UPDATE on October 16, 2017:

The City of Katy has contracted with TxDOT for one last and final debris pick-up across the city for flood debris. This will occur on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. After that, no more debris will be picked up. As a reminder, all repair/rebuild debris is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner. The City will not pick up any remodeling debris. Also, the City has been working extremely hard to do everything we can to improve drainage in our city limits. In the days immediately following Hurricane Harvey, the City hired Costello Engineering to do a needs assessment on areas that were greatly impacted. Costello had already previously been working on studies after the Tax Day floods. Their findings and recommendations for those areas of assessment will be presented at the City Council meeting on October 23, 2017. While these studies do take time and will be ongoing, the City will take swift action to make sure we do everything we can to address any issues. We are also working diligently to address the ultimate problem – the Cypress Creek watershed. While this area is outside of our city limits, it directly affects us. Together with local, regional, state and federal agencies, the City of Katy is doing everything we can to prevent any future floods.