Water Meter Upgrade Begins Oct. 1Water Meter Upgrade Begins Oct. 1

Water Meter Upgrade Begins Oct. 1

Dear City of Katy Resident:                                                   

The City Council recently voted to upgrade the water meter reading system from a drive-by to the FlexNet System. The new system will allow for better use of man-power and allow staff to flag unusual consumption.

Currently, meters are read monthly by a computer in a truck driving through the City collecting electronic readings which are then downloaded to the billing software and bills are generated. 

The FlexNet System will require replacing the MXU radio portion of your meter with a SmartPoint that will transmit readings daily to a base station.  These readings will be available to the Utility Billing Department and can be used to track abnormal usage on a daily basis instead of monthly.  There will be no charge for the upgraded radio and there will not be a change to the rates.

The City has contracted with AquaMetric and Utiliuse is the subcontractor for the conversion beginning October 2018. Contractors will have company ID and their information is on file with the Police Department.  There may be a brief interruption of water service when the meter’s radio is replaced and it is not necessary for customers to be at home. The estimated time of completion for the entire project is 6 months.

Customer Portal–The FlexNet System will have a web portal that will allow customers to access their accounts and track daily water usage to manage and reduce costs associated with their water bills. 

Because readings are available daily as opposed to monthly, you will be able to receive alerts that can help identify high usage and suspected leaks and will allow you to make necessary adjustments or repairs. Once the project is completed there will be additional details and directions for using the customer portal. 

If you have questions, please email us at ub@cityofkaty.com.  Any updates and further information about this project will be posted on the City website. Thank you for your patience as we strive to upgrade service to the citizens of Katy.




The water meter box is usually located in the front yard near the curb and has three parts similar to those pictured above:

  • the round black disc on top of the meter cover is the MXU/radio and it is the component that transmits the reading to the Base Station.
  • Inside the meter box there is a meter which the water passes through and a register on top that measures the water usage.